Commemorating 3rd May in Shimla


This weekend was quite hectic. We were indulged in commemorating 3rd May in Shimla. The significance of this date is that Dr. Daisaku Ikeda became the third President on 3rd May 1960 when he was 32. Under his leadership the organization grew rapidly and expanded abroad. In 1975 Soka Gakkai International was established and he became its first president. So is the charisma of the organisation that there are now more than 12 million members in 188 countries and territories.

We compiled a presentation for this… The program lasted for two hours at St. Bedes College, Shimla. The group snap above is of our chapter ‘RAINBOW’. 


2 thoughts on “Commemorating 3rd May in Shimla”

  1. I am going to save my pennies so that I can visit Shimla some day… in the summer, of course. You are so fortunate to live there. I want to see Chail, Naldehra, ride the Kalka-Shimla Railway, wander the Ridge…. Maybe this goal, of visiting Shimla, will activate my ability to Attract Prosperity. (Nothing else seems to have done the job.) Blessings…. Mary
    P.S. You would find Omaha, where I live, very strange, I think. It is hilly–most of the midwestern U.S. is rolling farmland, though often described as “flat,” because there are no mountains. But I love farmland, and the little tree-lined creeks at the bottom of every hill. I am content where I am and try to “bloom where I’m planted.”

  2. You are welcome to the queen of hills. Its great to learn that you know many spots in Shimla.

    Our real wisdom keeps us contented to bloom where we are planted!

    To quench my thirst of wandering may be some day I could visit beautifully described Omaha…

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