Comical Incident

Like any other day I got up early in the morning and quickly performed all the routine tasks scheduled for the morning. It was a Saturday (weekend) and I cheerlessly smirked while recapitulating that all my friends enjoy five day working in a week.

It was my fasting day so skipped my breakfast and moved to my garage with office bag on my shoulder there I saw that the air pressure of the front wheel of motor bike was not OK. Since the routine mechanic was away for a week so I decided to move in the car. Generally I avoid car for office as it sucks the bigger part of the pocket and rest of the thing is done by traffic bottlenecks in our hilly town with narrow lanes.

As I headed towards the traffic area of the town I found a strange difference there today as the roads were very clear with hardly any traffic. I smiled within as if some curfew is on and checked my wrist watch to ensure that I am just on time for the office. I was amazed to witness that the fifteen kilometres of hilly distance which generally I cover in 40 to 45 minutes was over in 20 to 25 minutes.

On the main gate of office the security guards greeted me as usual and I started my day by performing the routine tasks and server checks which I generally do prior to the reaching of my colleagues. After about fifty minutes of working I opened my thermos flask to have sip of tea to get some freshness, for this I went out of my chamber to rinse my Coffee Mug. As soon as I crossed the main office I was surprised to see that all of my colleagues were absent from their respective seats and even nobody has turned on the machines at their workstations.

The very first thought was a broad smile on my face regarding my resolve on my own punctuality. The second thought was slight furious when I checked my water jug to be empty that how come no office boys had filled it. In any case after reaching back sipping tea I checked the calendar of my machine and found it to be a second Saturday. With slight humiliation instead of calling up any of my colleagues I made a confirmatory call to my mom who harshly hauled over the coals with confirming it. This also brought an opportunity to execute some pending office and blogging tasks (including this post) and to go on a shopping for the upcoming function at home.

I am turning more aged or nerd? I kept on laughing for some time for my disturbed and chaotically organization behaviour, it was the first abnormal and funny incident which I could recapitulate under my ambit.

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One thought on “Comical Incident”

  1. I see I did not sign out of my other identity where I blog instead of blogger. . . oh well, a comment is a comment.

    You aren’t the first one and won’t be the last to show up for work on a day you didn’t have to be there!

    Ü I am still chuckling about it. . . could it be because you are a new parent of three?

    I also left a comment on the post annoucing the addition to your family. . . congratulations!

    PERBS. Paulie, pauliewrites (choose one lol)

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