Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels was one of the first thoughts which crossed my mind when I first heard the news of my three daughters. The weeks Blessings for me was the worship gathering we did which includes the naming of child on the eleventh day of its birth.

Some close friends and relatives gathered to hold a little function.

In India the naming of child ceremony involves lots of rituals. The names are written with vermilion mark on a Bandanna which is wrapped to a Conch shell and then whispered with in the child ears five times.

The meaning of Kavika is Poetess

Meaning of Kasvi is Bright and Kyna is Intelligent

As per me the naming a child is avery sensitive issue and it involves the mapping of childs behaviour and traits with the meaning of the name. I was looking forward for a short mythological name which should not be distorted while pronouncing. Though we are going to take some more time but the names inscribed on this day are for horoscope purpose.

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  1. Well, I keep forgetting to sign out over at my other blog so I am leaving my comment using it, I reckon. Ü

    I was looking for more news of the triplets! What a double blessing to see a photo of them and to hear of this special blessing cermony at your church. I like the names you chose for that. I do not understand why you are going to choose other names to call the girls later tho.

    When I was baptized, I was called Elizabeth but my name is really Pauline (Paulie nickname) so I am Pauline Elizabeth. Maybe it is something like that?


  2. Oh, I feel so guilty that I had to see your daughters in pictures before I saw them for real. And I also feel bad that I missed out on the naming function too( I am counting on the fact that you would have invited me, if I as there 🙂 ).

    I think you have chosen three beautiful name for three beautiful girls, and you really don’t need to change them. But, hey, you are the dad! 🙂

  3. @NeoBluePanther I don’t think that friends require formal invitations. Your visit on the blog is equally cheering, Thanks to the internet as our blogs are our virtual homes.

    It is gud to know that you liked the names as well.

    Yes I am Dad, all the happiness pending from last seven years seems to be compensated by the lord!

  4. Hi Rohit,

    Just came here blog hopping, cogratulationsssss(multiply that by 3 :P)………..and happy naming the kids.

    really nice blog!!!

  5. Daughters brings liveliness in homes and you are blessed to have a triplet. Lovely names for such lovely ladies. Soak in the bliss.

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