Broken Road

Generally I do not recapitulate my dreams; the one which I got three days ago is still fresh in my head. I dreamt as if I am driving a complex vehicle on a unmetalled road. The vehicle controls appeared like a jeep but quite few times I was putting my efforts in balancing it like a motorbike. But this was not my worry; my concern was no more than reaching my destination. Suddenly I saw that road was broken ahead and I was astonished to break the momentum of my journey.

Like always I simply ignored my dream and was indulged with my day schedule, as soon as I reached my office I gradually observed a lack of pace in work and some technical hitches aroused in our internet connection. The problems still persists after three days. I tried relating my dream to it to derive some thing in the real world.

I have never explored this dimension in my life however at the moment I am keen to put down my dreams here.

Mood: Unusual