BITW with BP Sharma

A personal interaction with B.P.Sharma

BP hails from the Basantpur, a small village in the vicinity of Shimla in HP. He has done his BA, from RPCSDB College, Shimla & LLB from HPU. He has done a long stint as an Advocate in the Shimla High Court. He worked as Additional Advocate General of High Court of HP and had been the Presiding Officer for H.P.Sales Tax Tribunal. He has also worked as the Chairman of H.P.Tax Tribunal Dharamsala Circuit court at Shimla. He is still an active practitioner as Sr Advocate H.P. High Court Shimla. He always keeps himself active, youthful and charming ..

Most part of this interview had been answered by BP online, in addition he was generous enough to spare some time for across the table interactions.


BITW  is a blog series where interactions of the blog author with very special people who has influence in his life has been compiled

Q: I take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog I’ll be glad if you tell readers something about your background, and family..

A: Basically my forefathers migrated to Srinagar, Uttaranchal and from there to Suni, Himachal Pradesh. The ruler of the small state gave us more than a hundred bighas of land revenue free, and we were protected as Raj Guru. As the ‘Begar’ (forcible labour) system came to an end, only some of the land donated is still retained by our family, while the rest has been surrendered and is now a protected forest. Initially ploughing land was treated as bad karma in the family, however, in due course of time it was started. Now, we are cultivating our land, and some more land has been purchased by us. So, this is a short note of how we came in HP. Yes, it has to be noted that our family history is 170 years long, during which the main profession in the family was pooja- path and panditai only. We were orthodox brahmins and commanded high respect amongst residents of State of Bhajji.

Open for the session

Q: How was your childhood like? What are your best & worst childhood memories?

A: My father was the eldest among his brothers and was having deep love and affection for his younger brother’s, although it seemed to be one sided. I am told that they were fourteen in all; I have seen 7 of them, including four fufies (father’s sister).

My father’s first wife was not able to have children, therefore he married again. I was the first offspring of my father, and I had a younger brother, Dr O.P.Sharma, who retired as a Professor from HP University, Shimla. My father was elected as a president of gram panchayat 3-4 times. He established the Janta middle school at Basantpur, which was taken over by the Government in 1980 when my Paternal Uncle, Bhaskaranand, was MLA of our constituency. And you know I remember once I raised slogans against my father when I was in in 8th class and we didn’t have any class teacher.

I passed my 5th standard from govt primary school Basantpur, and middle from Janta middle school Basantpur. Being the son of the president of panchayat as well of the school was not good for my schooling as it carries some pressures. Though I was special as I also remember the times when on some national day functions my father allowed me to hoist the national flag in our school gatherings.

Govt schools were also in bad shape at that time, and we had to take a gunny bag for sitting in school. You know , even this was not available to some who belonged to the poor class. I recollect that when I used to go to school in shirt and half pant, I was different from others, some of whom were barefooted and with very ordinary clothes.

I passed higher secondary in 1965, and got admission in RPCSDB college Shimla. As I was in Punjab there was no govt college in shimla so this private college was being run by some moneyed people like Rana Padam Chandra of Jubbal.


Q: What kind of student were you? Who was your hero?

A: I was a mediocre student but with principles, which I did not compromise at any time. Then, I got job in the office of Accountant General Punjab office at shimla in sept 1969. As auditor, I got allocated to AG Haryana office at Shimla.

At that time my father had allowed me to get admission for LLB in college of my own choice so I planned to go to Chandigarh where LLB evening was available. My uncle, however, was against this idea as he thought that establishing a library as a lawyer was not a feasible idea. But fate, it seems, has other plans and the HPU was established in 1970 where I started my LLB evening classes in the year 1971.

I completed my Law in June 1974 but by that time being secretary of all india audit & accounts association a strike was observed and i couldn’t leave job on advice of Mr. C.K. Vyas the then Secretary General of All India Association & had to postpone my Vakalat career thus i passed LLB in 1974 which was 1st batch of HPU. My class fellows who went on to become session judges were J.N.Barowalia, B.S.Chauhan, D.D.Sharma, J.L.Gupta, and Ravinder Prakash verma.

I was active member of college SCA and participated in elections for ABVP and won it . As a student the driving force was to grow in life simply. It was just like any other craze and there was no special hero as such.

Q: What would you do for fun? Any school/college memory?

A: Now days there is no place for fun, I recollect some of my contacts when we had lots of fun these were Mr Justice Bhawani Singh Retd CJ, Mr Justice Devender Gupta Retd CJ High Court, and Mr J.L.S. Panta who retired as Judge Supreme Court and many others who are still in position and of course Mr Jaitely is also an addition. Memories are many but i can’t jot them all.

BP's (Spouse) Inspiration

Q: Where & how did you meet your spouse and How did you get married.

A: Mine is an arranged marriage, brought about by my friends and relatives. My wife was brought up in Delhi, and my father-in-law retired from the Ministry of Commerce and retired as a Desk Officer of GOI at New delhi.

Q: You seem to be very active on internet, how did you come across online social media? What is your take for the Next Gen youth who are sparing there lots of time into online activities and merely have any offline friends.

A: It’s an excellent method of communication to stay in touch and I trust it is must for future generations. All should learn its complicacies and secrets. it’s very useful, but on the same time offline friends and morning walk is a must.

Q: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

A: Be honest and put your effort to do lots of hard work. Although the luck plays its role but you should choose your area of work as per your likings and availability of the means.

Q: What are you proudest moments of in your life?

A: So many but you have to come down one day. as advocate when got enrolled then i was successful lawyer in District Courts and again in ADM Tribunal and again reputed lawyer in high court and when i was designated as sr advocate in 1999 when i got elected as member bar council appointed as Addl. Advocate General and appointed as presiding officer sales tax tribunal and again when got chairman ship of sales tax tribunal in 2008 but financially not good liberty curtailed.almost every moment be enjoyed no regrets as i have said luck plays its role and i had no ability.

Q: How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

A: Life is like a routine and even its not beyond my imagination. I got almost everything which i wished for, my earlier exposures were not proper but the society from which i came not bad in the field of law and administration in my family. In our family we were more than 20 who achieved good position.

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Q: Any difficult time in your life and strongest memories from your difficult time.

A: I didn’t had much difficult times in my life most difficulties were redressable.

Q: What has helped you the most when you were low?

A: Hard days were but those self created because requirements were increased and i was spendthrift but on the whole satisfactory no special regrets.

Its luck that i got every thing which i wished with or without money happy one should see below and you’ll be satisfied if u see upper side then no limit and you will invite disease and dissatisfaction which is not good i take no medicines.god helps all but you have to surrender.

Q: What do you miss most around?

A: I miss my parents particularly they expired in the year 2004. Further i miss honesty and sincerity, we are losing moral values day by day.

Q: Who is your favorite time pass?

A: Gossips with my FB friends without any malice or ill will. I also deliver speeches quite often.

BP's Family

Q: Who are your favorite people around you?

A: So many. and i love them from heart I have great respect from them on the same time i disapprove gay people.

Q: What does your future hold? Where will we be in 10 years? 20 years?

A: At the moment i wish to remain in shimla and practice law in High Court but you know luck plays a vital role and nobody knows the future. I hope what so ever will happen, it will be for good.

Q: What lessons have you learned from your relationships?

A: From my relations I have learned the value of “Help” unconditionally. And try to respect your relations to the extent u can.

Q: What problems does you see in society

A: Everywhere we see the irrelevant chase for money. This leads corruption to raise its head like never before. I guess its due to our over-surrender to politics happening around and is not good for our society.

Q: Do you have any regrets in your life?

A: Not much except a few like I passed higher secondary from GHS Suni where I saw the names of my cousins on the honour board of school, like K.C.Sharma, Shiv Rajan Sharma, and Diwakar Sharma, who retired as Joint Manager SBI Chandigarh, Deputy Secy HPSC Shimla, and Executive Engineer from HPSEB respectively. One of my regrets is to not being able to get my name on the board of honour of school…

Brainstroming at crest

My educational career was not so well but i did not fail in any class except BA final which i passed in sept 1968 with a special chance. This is also one regret in life. I hated cheating in exams and did not opt for this at any stage.

Q: How you see a perfect day for yourself.

A: A day without sorrows is a good day. but getting rid of sorrows is almost impossible and moreover these act as good teachers of life.

Q: What are your religious beliefs/spiritual beliefs?

A: I am an ardent believer of Hinduism. and I am telling you I really like it.

Q: Do you believe in an afterlife?

A: Yes

Q: Are you a veggy on non-veggy? What kind of food will you advocate?

A: I am a non-veggy and my children as well. I do endorse to have non veg. It prepares to live in adverse conditions. My father was a pure veggy but he use to bring lot of non veg for me because as per his beliefs in astrology, my stars allowed me to do so. Furthermore it is nowhere written in Hinduism that you should not have non-veg food.

Q: Ok to my understanding of Hinduism talks about cause and effect? Some day I wouldn’t like to be eaten up by someone.

A: I don’t endorse cannibalism. You see there is a lot of difference between the social science and other sciences. In actual life it is very complex to understand so eventually our choices becomes matter of of our own choice, if you really do not feel like having it. You should not have it.

Q: What are your political beliefs?

A: I support equality but politically speaking i feel closer to BJP, now it also seem to be losing field which it had earlier occupied.

Q: Any profound moments of your life?

A: Not such special moments.

Q: Tell us about your fulfilled and unfulfilled wishes in this life?

A: Ha ha… Its sheer personal.

Q: How do you want to be remembered?

A: As a good and gentleman who loves all and sincerity and honesty.

Q: What is the secret behind keeping yourself so youthful and charming?

A: I am always happy and a laughing man. I support time bound working. I sincerely respect time as it does not wait for anyone and you have to catch it always.

Q: Any message you would like to leave.

A: Be happy and leave all on almighty but don’t forget to work hard.

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