One of my fantasies since childhood was to own a bicycle and the same was true for my father. Both of us were unable to fulfil it. My father was not in financial ease to fufil this dream for me and his father was unable to make out its significance. But the uncommon thing among us that when I was in 2nd year of my graduation I was given a scooter but I hadn’t even tried bicycle ever. This filled a frustration in my head and I went to my maternal uncle to seek help. I devoted two complete days to learn riding bicycle/ The cycle which I tried was high enough so that it was impossible for me to sit on the seat and pedal it simultaneously, I inserted my feet across its bar and drove it almost hanging to it. Anyhow due to the time constraint I came back to my home and tried myself on the scooter it was five times heavier to the cycle. In my very first trial I crashed with a wall and lost its headlight with a lot of scratches on scooter as well as on my body. At one time I somersaulted almost twelve feet down the road along with my scooter and maternal uncle. But he was not discouraged with all this. There was a moment when I was so low that I thought that I would never learn riding it. He was the one who told me “Its now or never”. I made it with in a fortnight’s time. This was one of my greatest achievements.