Background Music

Some time I really wish that our lives also should have some Background Music depicting our temperaments as happen in movies.

The best of the best movies are incomplete without the backdrop of music. For me the best ever movie is my LIFE which I not only see but also has got a privilege to participate actively in it with a Leading role. Yes, I do realize some time that there is someone who is shooting me with a camcorder and certainly it is filled with some background music. I do not want to loose a minute that I spend as a memorable one.

If I had to re-create the world, i would definitely five a thought of incorporating the background music themes in real-life. Our feel at an instant when our reaction comes out to an incident needs some music. May be this ways we can express ourselves in a better way because sometimes we really miss our real feelings without it in place.

Thanks brother for adding some music in my life while moving by bringing an ipod shuffle from Finland. Surprisingly it costed him more as compared to backhome in India

2 thoughts on “Background Music”

  1. Well, we can’t ALWAYS have MP3 player over the ears. I have “Mary’s Feelgood Music” on my MP3 player for when I have to do tedious jobs. But I also have “background music” running through my mind all the time. Jack Kornfield talks about a tribe in Africa where each individual has his or her song that is perceived by the mother when she first plans to conceive. The tribe sings that song to the individual when he is born, when he is hurt or ill, and when he dies. Find a song that lifts you up, and make it part of your “self-talk” (ick, hate that phrase). Blessings… Mary

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