ATM Robbery Attempt

I simply rushed on my mobike as I was behind schedule for my office. I just stopped on the midway and pounced on the ATM to fetch some fast cash. I didn’t even bother to open my helmet and pair of goggles which were giving me an alien look along with my black wind cheater. 

Looking at my speed and dress code the security guard standing over there covered my way with scary eyes which were seeking some help. I just shouted back on the broken up guy and told me that I am closely associated with the branch manager. I was over with my withdrawal before that he could device out the tackling scheme for me who was for him creature from outer space.

After coming back I carried regret on my violent attitude at that particular instant when I recapitulated the few days back ATM robbery at this particular location. Though my ego didn’t agree to go back to seek apology from the poor guard but in order to keep the lesson with me I blogged it for all.


2 thoughts on “ATM Robbery Attempt”

  1. You were just in a hurry. Of course, hurrying never does any good, but that’s beside the point. You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t beat yourself up. Now if you had ROBBED the ATM you would have some apologizing and compensating to do. But you didn’t. Lesson learned: Move quickly and efficiently, don’t hurry. God bless you….

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