Are you living your Present?

Do you live in your present time? There’s nothing better than being able to live in the moment. But how many of us actually live in present? That is, being totally present in this moment, without letting memories of the past hold us back. I would imagine very few of us. Certainly, I don’t.

Take ten minutes out today. And consider that maybe what you’re doing… maybe the patterns you’re holding in your mind… are simply just memories. And maybe you can change your habits, your addictions, your patterns. Simply by deciding to, it’s an interesting thought.

They said time is a great teacher, but remember: It kills all of its learners. And it’s a terrible beautician too. So, don’t let time get you.

Try living in Present time i.e. today and just see how you feel.

One thought on “Are you living your Present?”

  1. Good and great point to ponder there – it’s LIFE. Yes, memories maime; presence of the moment is the gift as well as the fragrance of life.

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