Are you feeling Hungry?

Have you ever tried Fried Curd. It is very popular Instant North Indian Food to be served with Rice or traditional north Indian maize bread, Makkai Ki Roti
Here is the recipe for you…
Requirements: 1 big spoons of oil, 1 cup fresh curd, 1 large cup water, 2 big onions, 3-4 peices of garlic, 1/2 spoon each red chillie, turmeric, Zeera, 5-6 shoots of green dhaniya, little ginger, 1 table spoon salt
  1. Cut onion into large peices and separate the layers of each peice.
  2. Put oil to heat.
  3. Mean while make the paste of garlic and ginger
  4. In hot oil put red chillie, turmeric, Zeera, followed by garlic /ginger paste and then onion peices.
  5. Stir the mixture thill brownish tinge appears on onion peices.
  6. Pour the water and salt and stir it until water remains to its one third.
  7. Switch the heat off and wait till it cools down
  8. On cooled fried items pour the curd after slightly stirring it.
  9. Sprinkle the thinly cut green dhaniya leaves on the dish it is ready to be served.

Here we go they are Mmmm, good!

I was unaware of cook with in me.