Are vegetarians more non-veg in Bedroom?

My parents have narrated this small piece of story from my life. When I was small kid (about 4-5 yrs old), one day I forgot to take my school lunch. Since I was so cute (as they say), my class teacher while doing her lunch called me up and made me sit with her for lunch. She offered me something to eat I smilingly accepted the offer but after a while before she could even finished her lunch I vomited the whole thing. I was so small to realize that she offered me some Non-vegetarian item. My physiology might not have accepted the meat.

Later on when I grew up I found this as one of my biggest handicap. When my friends gathered for a treat they always used to munch the soft pieces of meat where as I disgustingly restricted myself to some green leaves.

But now I do not have any such regret rather I am proud to say that I am a Non-vegetarian.

It was a relief while I stumbled across this video saying the non vegetarians are more likely to suffer impotence? Are vegetarians more non-vegetarian in Bedroom?


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