An insight to my Holi

Like every holi i was subconsciously sceptic on this day. Though i have always encouraged everyone for this festive day like any other socializing extracurricular activity but due to certain points i have somewhere disliked it for the usage of permanent colours, usage of water heavily and colouring some one excessively. This year also like every Holi in the morning we created some good eatables in the kitchen and then applied tilak (very little colours on each other forehead). Soon after all this i went for planning my day ahead.

After some time an old family friend arrived in a very unfriendly manner at our place. He was completely engrossed with revenge colours. Half heartedly i greeted him, he took his liberty to apply colours on my face including my head. Even before i can show my reluctance he was busy with my parents. Everything was ok till now but i lost my temper when he headed towards the room of kids who were ready for their nap. Before i can show my resistance i decided to move downstairs to the another room to avoid any kind of disagreement on this day to be on a holiday Holi Day holy day.

I sat in a tranquil room for the next fifteen minutes. Soon i heard lot of noise on the main gate of our house soon i was able to see through a window that there was a full-fledged holi toli (group) in eastman colour standing outside our house. I rushed towards another secret place of the house to lock myself into the aloof room where i kept on listening to the noise and laughter of this group. Here i got an opportunity to think from a different perspective, on the social media nw tools I try to be quite active, but here am behaving like an alien when the real time social networking is happening right hrere in my house in front of my eyes. On the same time i tried to feel like a celebrity whose fans have gathered outside his house to meet him bit who is not responding to them.

Within fraction of time i removed my pullover and reached outside where i saw the last person departing our house. I shouted from the distance, “Hey come on, colour me…” A couple of other guys who slightly know me or had seen me on our house top just ran away such that i was challenging them to colour me. The last person who was unfamiliar to me stood there and kept staring at me that what does i exactly meant.

In fact i do not find any opportunity to get mixed up with the people at my locality. And i never look forward to please anyone in my surrounding including monkeys. For animal activists i have never shot down any creature where as the above gesture is to just frighten the monkeys who frequently spoil the plants at our attic. It is also a mark of disapproval for the people of my locality who keeps on pleasing these creatures by offering eatables due to their religious beliefs. I strongly discourage it as these creatures take you for granted.

Anyways I managed to stop the part of the group which happily applied colour to me and had some photographs for us.

There after played holi whole heartedly with family…

Mood: Ditzy