An Endeavor for Psychosomatics

Along with evolution blogging I will be sharing some of intersting case studies from my dairy. I and my some of my known ones have practically encountered these incidents during the journey of life. Most of these cases are regarding the Complex Human Behaviors & I tried a little to comprehend it by applying Psychosomatic Engineering at our level best…

I have’nt got any formal education in the subject of Psychology but I was laways keen on observing it in my sorroundings.

This is the begin of Year 2008. This is my space to express. I am glad to write here… I have got many plans to create this kind of journal, lets see together what is hidden there in the stomach of future. As of now my plan for this journal is to post a case study on every weekend from my surroundings along with the problem definition and how it would had gone under ideal cirumstances.

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