My name is Rohit Sharma. I am a software programmer, technology writer and self taught photographer, I hold passion for motorbiking, A nerd workohlic and an addicted Blogger. I come from a small town, Shimla from the hills of North India. I believe myself to be fortunate that by profession I am into Information Technology. Another thing which I am proud of is to be a father of three lovely daughters which are triplets.

My place is situated at 7,300 feet in the magnificent North-West Himalayas, Shimla the summer capital of India before independence is now the capital of Himachal Pradesh. I am thankful to God for blessing us with Great Himalyas and Sacred Ganges. For centuries, the Himalayas have inspired & awakened spirituality in the souls of all mortals who encounter their greatness. This fairytale place offers tranquility in the mountains.

A view from my study window

I hope to make a difference in the evolution of world. I love to create new things and appreciate what technology has given us. I firmly believe that the life is wonderful and we cannot afford to waste a tiny bit of time. I would like to be remembered as a hardworking person, true friend, sincere dad, and a loving family member having great sense of humor, taste, style and contagious positive energy.

This blog is a platform where I have the vanity to share my own perspective and to believe that so called strangers will respond to my perspective. I hope that you enjoyed staying on my posts. Thanks for making an effort to reach me out here.

You can send me E-mail on rohit [AT] rhour [DOT] com